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I Would Like to Buy the Following Letters: The F, B, S, a Few Ls, and C

I think I'm ready to solve.

Just a while ago, I felt the need to tidy up my social media. I’m a big girl now and should be portrayed as such; therefore, I said farewell to anything that wasn’t me; the good, the bad, and the downright pitiful. Bleh!

Aah... the attempts to be cool, but hey!

You cringe... and you learn.

For hours, I scrolled through countless posts and amid the horror of it all, found this.

                                                    Faith is a rope,

                                                 Belief is an anchor,

                                                 Spontaneity is key,

                                                   Love is magical,

                                               Laughter is medicine,

                                                Curiosity is the gate,

                                          Life is the expression of you.

                                                                                                    —Gladisha Hodges

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I Would Like to Buy the Following Letters: The F, B, S, a Few Ls, and C
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