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I Wonder What the Trees Talk About

A Pondering Poem About the Intricacies of Trees

Do they whisper sweet secrets to each other?

Each leaf a new tumultuous tale

Of the marigold’s rendezvous

With the sun.

"Soul mates"  they whisper.

Both the same orange light not everyone’s learned to love yet.

Do they ponder about what they’ll become?

The scarce rooted sprig claims he’ll be paper.

Newspaper, eulogies, birth certificates, and love letters

to you.

The willow tree weeps.

She ties her branches in shackles

She will not be moved.

She has birds to keep home to,

Flowers to give shadow to.

The oak tree smiles, gently.

With a smile that says he’s done this

A hundred times over.

"I become what I become" whispers He. 

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I Wonder What the Trees Talk About
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