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I Won

A Poem

I won the election

They heard what they wanted

I didn't feel bad that I lied

It was for the greater good

But even if I'd told the truth

They would have lied to themselves

They would have heard what they wanted

And the lie of winning and losing

Subordinates all truths

As we divide and conquer

And give them scapegoats

To battle each other

As long as we give them options

They will believe in their freedom

And I will rule for ten thousand years

I won the election

I wouldn't rule anyone

Who would have me as their ruler

I got this job because I didn't want to be here

If you don't select me

You'll be made an example

In the public square

Where everyone will join each other

On the right side of history

From the wrong side of the tracks

And your name will be forgotten

Save as a token of derision

Ethics is money

I have plenty of both

For you have given me yours

I believe what you do

I am you on a platform

You are me in waiting

I will wage a war to end your strife and fear

I will pass a bill to give your children

A future like my present

I will fill all conscious space with my concerns

Which are your concerns

Which are the transgressions of your enemies

I won the election

You put me here

I sin and save by proxy

I am part of history in motion

Your present is a forgotten past

Without me

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I Won
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