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I Woman, I Tori

My worthiness is not defined by your callousness.

I, woman 

I, Tori 

I am woman 

Hear me shout 

Hear me 

Explain why I'm human 

Should be cared about 

I explain my existence 

As biracial 

As bisexual 

As worthy as I can 

But speech is heavy-lidded with doubts that all will hear

And hearing is heavy dreaded with doubts all that I hear

I'm not pansexual

I'm not a sellout 

I'm not new either

And I'm not your token 

I'm me 

And that's all that matters

My life depends upon how I look, the insurance I have, the way I act or what I say

And it shouldn't. 

I am Tori

I will persist

I will resist

I will insist I am worthy 

Hear me 


I Woman, I Tori

My take on my existence and having to prove my worthiness to exist in a world where both extremes don't want me to.

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I Woman, I Tori
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