I Wish I Could Be Twenty Something // Salt Wounds+Midnight Blues

And Maybe Things Would Have Worked out Alright

I wish I could be 

twenty something

so I could

be the right

girl for you. 

Twenty two;

the same age

and be the 

white girlfriend

with the nose ring.


that she's had

since you both


in what feels like


I wish I could be

twenty something

and be that girl that

you're proud of.

That you always wanted

to by your side;

who's down for the ride,

chugging beers

and calling the shots

running away from 


like twenty somethings do.

I could have been 

your ride or die.

I was willing to


But shit fell through

and landed

with fights

and fury.

Built up anger

and hatred.

We were careful

with every move 

we made;

like a chess game. 

Making sure

that both of our


weren't sacrificed

or compromised

by each other.

I hate 

how I gave my 

soul to you

and you 

didn't give a shit

in return. 

But I'm still young.

I'm still stupid.

But I'm not 

stupid enough

to stay with you. 

I may not be 22, 

but I know better

than to be with you.

Lauren Day
Lauren Day

i surf. i travel. i take some photos here and there. i life alot. 

i think. i write. i think some more. 

then something cool happens where i write until my bones ache.

end of story. 

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I Wish I Could Be Twenty Something // Salt Wounds+Midnight Blues
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