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I Want a Love

A Poem About Love

Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

I want a love like the movies.

Where your favorite color becomes the color of their favorite shirt.

Your favorite movie is the one that makes them laugh the most.

A love where being together makes you wonder how you ever handled being apart. 

Where two worlds collide into a wonderful chaos that is so beautiful, it blinds anyone who dares to glance in its direction.

Instead, I live in a world where that same collision is a mess of bloodshed and war. 

Two people trying to outdo each other for the sake of not seeming weak.

Puzzle pieces that at first fit together are starting to show the cracks you thought were filled.

The fine wine is just grape juice in a fancy glass bottle. 

That blinding light is a rampaging fire, and it has burned down the garden.

There is no love in this life. At least not in mine.

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I Want a Love
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