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I Want

A Love Poem To My Friend & Lover

I want to lay in bed with you,

Hold you in my arms,

Squeeze you tight,

Give you forehead kisses,

Talk to you all night,

And watch movies until the sunrise.

I know what you’re thinking,

He’s no different than other guys,

He’s only saying these things to get in between my thighs.

He’s only got one thing on his mind,

And that’s wasting my time.

But that’s not true,

When I look into your deep brown eyes, I realize there’s so much more to you.

You’re not just a pretty face with a nice body,

Or a walking sex doll or object.

You’re someone that I truly respect.

You’re special to me because of your inner beauty,

You have a personality that makes me smile,

A smile that drives me wild,

A goofy laugh that makes me chuckle,

And a scent off your body that makes my knees buckle.

After a long day at work I just want to rub your feet,

While you tell me about how your days were this whole week,

And cook a meal for you while you chill and relax.

I know you think I’m not sincere,

But I’m stating facts.

I want you in my life and that’s that.

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I Want
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