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I Want

Yes Me, Yes Me

I want

To be a lawyer

Helping protect, Flora and Fauna

The natural beauties of the World

Protecting Nature, Rather than the people on the Earth.

I want 

To be a Doctor

Making sickness go away faster

Using Nature to Protect, Prevent and Prosper

Show "The Mother", That we no longer, want to harm her.

Or her creations, that were meant to help us.

I want

To be a Journalist

Yes me and I wish, to hear stories

Stories of people and culture that have been passed on

Generations to Generations,

Life, Wisdom, and Education

To tell our beloved Nation

From what I learned and life's greatest equation.

I want 

To Travel

Stare at the Many Marvels, Of life's creation

Stone Hedge,  Aurora Borealis, The Pyramids

All of Life is waiting, for my eyes to discover

the beauty "Mother" Has left for us to Wonder

Long and Hard about its "Maker or Makers"

I Want to

My friends, this message is for you.

We may not all be meant for school

Or to dress up and be cool

The Class clown and act like a Fool

but we were all meant to be great

Leaving behind all the hate

stand up, Stand Tall, and when you fall

Stand up again

you were meant to be great

I know what I want

So what do you want

let this be something to think about

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I Want
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