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I've Moved On

2018 Series

Sitting at this old table

I’ve laid my pencil down

my thoughts wandering off

I’m too old for this...

this wasn't what I had found

This time, there is an end

and God knows I've tried

by putting my many values aside

it ain’t my time nor place

to bitch or complain

over love and all in those in betweens

For all I’ve seen, and what it has done to me

This time, I’ve moved on

so fed up of my old love songs

that I have written a long time ago...

that I should be a certain way

and that I need to be, I rather go

I have a full suitcase of your...

needs, wants ... and your expectations...

your many tries and too many goodbyes have painted my reflection

without us breaking through, I was always true towards you

... I've moved on

I’m gone my separate way

before I start regretting every single day ...

that I loved you the way I could...

cause the way I am

and not the way I should...

I don't fall for the “look at me”

it’s time to see another light...

and stop holding on to dear life, you see

I’ve moved on...

and nevermind the... “I love you”

“and I'll remember you”

Our words don't count anymore

your message has been clear

They've been lost forever more

I've moved on... I'm gone

Written by P.J Mimo

[email protected] 2018

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I've Moved On
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