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I Used to Dream...

A Poem

I Used To Dream.

I used to dream of white picket fences...

A wide open space where a castle was built.

A princess to be my queen in a world of beauty...

In time the dream faded as the castle began to tilt.

Brick by brick it weathered away...

As I was left with the memories of a dream of yesterday.

The wide open space became enclosing as the fence blew over.

I fell to my knees looking for a four leaf clover.

I wished for luck, to try and tempt fate.

I tried to reason with destiny but she still makes me wait.

Only now I don't fear the reality, I don't fear alone.

If she decides to find me she will be surprised by how I've grown.

And so my fair lady, where ever you are or will be...

Take note I no longer claim to be prince charming...

But there is an innocent truth within me.

That will outlast any spark for inside I am a flame.

I am still kept alight amid all winds and rain.

I used to dream my life away, today I live awakened....

And not in vain.

I am the same faded picture but surrounded by a beautiful new frame.

I am content with my life, with the blessings I have got.

There is no jealously or bitterness over what I am not.

For I have learned so many lessons, I have grown to be wise.

I used to dream of a different life seen by adolescent eyes.

Sometimes in the still of the night I still hear you breathing fast and scream.

It reminds me of the days when I used to dream.

I have come to realise what will be will surely be.

So I go ahead on my journey with a heart worry free.

I travel places I have never been, seeing sights I've never seen.

And now and then I smile and sigh as I think back...

To when....

I Used To Dream

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I Used to Dream...
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