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I Tried to Write a Book

A Year in Review

I tried to write a book 

Full of poems

One a day

A little inspiration

That would help me last a day

A broken heart that needed a mend

Didn't know who to turn to

So I became my friend

Countless words

I don't know if it makes sense

But it helped me out

It was a personal test

After days and days

It was almost a year

You never realise

How fast that can appear 

With one hundred poems

Things started to clear

So I tried to write a book

I lined things up

In an orderly way

A picture for each

Not one was the same

One hundred poems

Covered from top to bottom

I've accomplished a lot

Now everything has changed

The broken is healed

And moving along

It's amazing what can happen

When you set to achieve

You find a voice

That once before 

You didn't believe 

Crazy how it starts

When you try

And all I did

Was try to write a book

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I Tried to Write a Book
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