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I Tell You These with Love for Art

True meanings of art

“Don’t hate on people for following their dreams”

I tell you this with the sparks of beauty

For the ones you love

The kindles of flames that

encapsulates the true meaning of art

“Never hate on artists if you don’t know what it means to make art”

The encapsulating beauty of existence

is what drives art to be created

“Don’t forget art because it doesn’t pertain to your mindset”

Every piece of art is beautiful from the first pieces to the last.

From life and death

From chaos to beauty

It isn’t beautiful because of its existence

It’s beautiful because of its creation

This meaning of art helps people survive

not just financially but emotionally

Just don’t hate on people following their dreams.

“All it takes is a leap

Then you will understand

What it means to create art...”

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I Tell You These with Love for Art
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