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I Still Love You

To Me. To All of You.

How could I not.



the kindest.


I thought.

I had

ever met.

Maybe I was dumb.

I've been dumb 

in the past but I

am not stupid

I am wicked

I am smart.

I know

but what I am trying to accept now

is that someitmes


I don't.

A passionate soul 

so senstive

so caring

so loving.

When I love,

I love deeply.

A connection.

I felt. a connection with you.

Maybe I still do.

hope we can still be friends.





But without love

what are we

but mere humans

fake happy?

What's the good of that.

I want real.

What I want, what I need,

is real.



'Sober II'


I can feel it.

in my soul.

oh, Lorde.

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I Still Love You
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