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I Start Writing Again

I need a better interface.

Longing for words

I grab that pen and

tilt my head

into the shade

of my inner world

which nobody knows

since neither I do

though be honest

and I splurge

into this innermost

flogging urge

and I binge

sitting on the fringe

like a host

I take a plunge in my tears

and I sink


where I can execute

my own murder

with a silenced gun

and I get naked

of my armor

in this paper

to finish this labor

And for a moment

I feel content

I see other shades

I know it soon will end

and again I will be mad

life will become a shallow land

And only art can help

To see my real self

sometimes I even forget

how to look at my face

I need a better interface

And I start writing again

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I Start Writing Again
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