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I Should've Known...

Ignorance is bliss.

I should've known

I should've known better

than to open myself again

than to defy every instinct in my being

than to let myself love

I should've known better

than to believe your words of deceit

than to believe anyone could love me

then to choose the pain I knew you'd bring

I should've known

that it would all end

in dust and ashes

that I'd fall right back where I'd began

I should've...

ignored the possibilities

and listened to reality

recall my past experiences

and realize they never ended happy

I should've known

this wasn't a blessing

I should've known

the way it always ends

I break and shatter

and pick myself up again

well I'm sick and tired

this is the end for me

I'll never trust again

I'll drown my emotions in the sea

I'll build my walls up stronger

I'll protect myself like never before

I'm sick of all the pain

and I'm tired of the agony

I'll be my own guardian

and no one will ever see the real me

I should've known

that my ending is never happy

and it never will be

but now I do

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I Should've Known...
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