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I Shared a House With What Makes Me Truly Happy

A Poem

I ran with the beautiful man in makeup

being so afraid, the bombs getting closer

and closer towards someone I once loved.

The endless road stretched far into the

side of the hill, a bunker room filled with

background people and only one love.

Where am I in this blitz world? To be sure

I’ll have to sacrifice myself, leave the door

open and welcome the vampires.

But if that makeup man should lose his

precious creased smile, one day the wind

shall wipe away and it’ll vanish.

All my friends are there under the comfort

of the imminent doom. We found solace in

war and memories in darkness.

In this dream of reunion people were

missing. But they were replaced with

those I have chosen to be family.

This family is not aware of my addition to

to their home. Under one roof we thrive

and revel to continue deflecting the blitz.

So the school party leaves the simulation

for a more obscure living. Gods plan was

to make ours a more ingenuous life.

To make it painful he had to make it

painless. We mask and hold off the bombs

to free us so we can run smiling. 

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I Shared a House With What Makes Me Truly Happy
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