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I See You

Watching Me

I know that your there.

Peaking and watching me,

You don't think I see you?

You stand right there watching my every move.

I feel your eyes on me,

From your window watching me?

I have even caught you at times,

Are you trying to scare me,

I can handle myself.

I have scene all the scary movies.

That would be your biggest mistake,

Only one of us would be O.K,

If you must Suffer your fate,

My prediction for you?

This ends in a bad way.

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Crystal Korpan
Crystal Korpan

I recently published my poems at Pagemaster Publishing my book is called Different sides of me. https://pagemasterpublishing.ca/shop/crystal-korpan/different-sides-of-me/?ref=158 Thank you for enjoying my words .

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I See You
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