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I Remember Her

A Love Poem

She lifts her skirt to her knees

And in pale bare feet she walks

On the lush green grass

Her chocolate hair dances about

On her shoulders and around her ears

Until she pulls it back behind them

With tender fingers,

She sits down before the crimson sunset

And waits for me to join her under a thick tree

I stop to observe the rolled up sleeves

On a white blouse with blue waves on it

Contouring her slender figure flawlessly

The setting sun glows on her cheek as she turns

Her caramel eyes meet mine and I am in heaven,

Seated next to her, I kiss her sweet mouth

And I take her feminine veiny hands to my face

The smile she gives me sheds some divine light upon us

Our embrace has me giddy as a drunken fool,

But I do not speak it,

We embrace as a cool breeze sweeps under us

Catching this moment and locking it away

To forever remember.

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I Remember Her
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