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I Remember

Skin on Skin

I remember exactly what you looked like

The first time you walked through that door

At that moment was when I knew I'll forever want more

More of who you are and more of what you are

Your eyes shone bright like the stars at night

Your smile so radiant and your teeth so white

You looked so perfect that you left my heart with fright

So afraid to touch you; so afraid that you might crack

You drew closer as you felt my heart leap

The taste of your breath had me rolling in oceans so deep

Like an earthquake in my veins, so was the feel of your touch

Almost as if I had lost consciousness, I was in a safe place as such

Your gaze weakened every nerve in me

Lost for words; you told me to shut my eyes and feel

Indeed I felt; I felt what it meant to be absolutely free

What it meant to feel what heaven could be

Skin on skin

You had on that cheeky grin

Eating your sweetened fruit, your juices dripped all over my chin

Naked and entangled; this must be my original sin

I in you, fit perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle

Ebulliently, you rode me like a wild horse

You said you don't do sides for I was your main course

You dug in; Ate me up; Roughed me up with no remorse

A little blood and sweat never killed anybody

Your nails deep in my flesh

Your teeth stuck in my neck

The archetype of pleasure and pain

I remember that one-time

I remember how sweet you tasted; how your sweat tasted like lime

I remember how you groped and climbed

And I swear I remember my best time

With you

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I Remember
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