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I Miss You

I yearn for your love.

In the middle of night

I awake with a frightened mind

Feels like the cold winters all over again

Aching inside, can't stand this pain

Come back to me, please love me again

I yearn for your love

I miss that feeling when our skins touch

The passion

The love

The feeling all lost

I miss the kind words you whispered

I miss your piercing gaze

I want to feel loved again

Burning heart, can't stand this pain

Drive down to the 4th, please love me again

My bed feels so empty without you in it

Vast like the ocean, I'm drowning in misery

The love we shared, so misunderstood

An enigma

Oh! what a mystery

High expectations each time my phone buzzes

Wishing it were you calling to see what I've been up to

To tell you what I had last night or maybe breakfast

Hoping we keep talking for as long as we've got us

I remember our quiet walks along that street you loved so much

The one with a million light bulbs lit

Remember when we took classes in Dutch

Just for the fun of it

For keepsake, I'll have it all over again

Hoping you still love me, I hope to see you again.

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I Miss You
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