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I Miss You.

A poem.

I miss you.

I miss you so much my body hurts

My stomach feels like its being sucked out of my body

My brain is about to explode

My heart is drowning

I miss you way more than I should really

Because you left

In fact, you left me

And you left me for her

I don’t know how to feel right now

A part of me wants to be happy for you

Wants to crack a smile and tell you everything is ok

But another part of me is broken

And doesn’t really know how to fix itself

I feel helpless and confused

Like a lost child whose mother abandoned her

Because she didn’t want her anymore

I am rejected, unloved.

I keep telling myself that it doesn’t matter

That it’ll be ok one day

That someone else will heal my heart and I could love again

But the truth is even that you took from me

You took my hope

You took my ability to love again

You took everything

And you left

Left me for her

I miss you

And I wish I didn’t

I wish I hated you

I wish I could stop caring and move on

But you won’t let me

The ghost of your smile in my dreams

The things you used to say that made me smile

The song that you always used to play to cheer me up

You’re everywhere

I think I need to leave

I need to leave you too

I need to let you go

Because the more I let you own me

The more I realise that you hold all the power in this relationship

I don’t want to feel powerless anymore

Besides, you don’t care anymore

You have her now

I can move on

I should! Damnit

Let me leave. Please.

I can’t keep on missing you.

It’s killing me.

- A poem on sudden breakups

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I Miss You.
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