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I Miss the Outback

A Bush Poet Poem.

I miss the outback,

Having spent years,

Living down that lonely track,

Time soon to go back.

A deserted desert beach,

Pierced by a tidal creek,

The fishes and sharks gather,

On each other to feed.

Boab trees stand reversed,

As ancient reefs bake,

The sun so ferocious,

Much more than I can take.

Roadtrains roar by dustily,

The lifelines through the mulga,

The iron mines scar the soil,

While deep within,

The robot machines toil.

Red ripples the ferro sands,

Serpentine lines sculpted,

Twisting across the land.

Gibber plains stretch,

To beyond the eye,

Where the spinifex plains,

Puncture the sky.

One tree breaks the horizon,

The ground tortured with cracks,

Destitute of water,

It crumbles from the lack.

The largest constructions,

That you can perceive,

Towering towers of mud,

That's where the termites be.

Reds and grays bounding along,

With joeys in pouches,

All part of the song.

Ridiculous birds unable to fly,

Beady burnt eyes staring,

As I go by.

Beware of the chicks,

The father is nearby,

If he catches me,

I will fly across the sky.

Flocks of Budgies,

Stain the air green,

This is something,

That must be seen.

Reptilian monsters wait,

A deadly ambush predator,

Even a shark can be bait.

Spiders eating birds,

Snaring them in webs,

Spiders consuming snakes,

They have what it takes.

I miss the Outback,

I miss the flies,

As they swarm around, drinking my sweat,

Waiting for me to expire.

© Colin Hope 2017.

Colin Hope
Colin Hope

An ex surveyor living in Toronto, Canada on long term disability due to being crazy. I fried my brain and now have a honking great anxiety disorder. I have been writing poetry since the mid seventies. I'm green-left who used to work for Gre

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I Miss the Outback
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