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I'm Your Prisoner

Your words are like cuffs....

I feel scared, I do not wish to be here. I lay in bed because I imagine things in my head, that I wish were reality. What I am living is not how I want, I want to re-wind the clocks and go back before I made this mistake. For God sake what have I done?! I'm more depressed than ever and I never in my right mind thought it would come to this. I take all my anger out on myself. I am not who you thought I was and you're finally figuring that out. You and I have our doubts, but neither one of us is going to leave. We need each other so we're not alone because what we did to get here is our fault, but secretly blame each other inside. I know you've seen me bled, but if one of us left I know we'd both be dead. From the company we give each other and from what you've said, I am your prisoner, now lay me down for rest.

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I'm Your Prisoner
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