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I'm Sorry

I'm so sorry.

Some mornings I wake up

and I struggle to start

and it’s not just me

but also my heart and I roll over

and you texted me

because my darkest nights

End up being your days

and somehow you always know what to say

and that doesn’t make sense to me because I didn’t tell you a thing about what I’ve been through

but still, you somehow knew just what to say

You promised you’d never hurt me

And never make me cry

You promised my smile would never fade

Then your promises became lies

It’s been really hard for me to focus these past few days

And it’s probably because of everything I didn’t say

I wish I had just told you what I really wanted to

Because baby I still love you

I just wish you would believe

Because to me, you are everything

And I’m sorry

I’m sorry I couldn’t make you see how amazing you are

And even though you are so far

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you

Because at one point you would say I love you too

But I fucked it all up

And to be honest that’s just my luck

I’m sorry I couldn’t be happy

But sometimes life would get crappy

I’m sorry I’m not perfect

But I really tried to be worth it

We were together for a while

And in that time I only smiled

But the distance got too much

Because we couldn’t touch

And seeing me hurt, hurt you

And I guess that was your cue

Suddenly we were friends again

And you say you don’t understand

I gave you my everything

And still, I’m not enough

I feel too sick to eat

And my heart struggles to beat

And please do not ask me when was the last time I got any sleep

Because I can not tell you how many times

I’ve woken up at 2 AM wishing you could be mine

I’m sorry that I love you

Despite everything I’ve been through

I know I’m too broken

But still, I keep hoping

That maybe this time I will be enough

And maybe this time someone will love me for me

Not someone I pretend to be

I’m sorry I just want to be happy

I’m sorry that after giving you every broken piece of me

I’m still not enough

I’m sorry I’m me

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I'm Sorry
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