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I'm Drawing Magick Sigils

Holding Midnight Vigils

I’m drawing magick sigils

Holding midnight vigils

For the spirits that love me

My True Self is just above me

Blazing torch of inner knowledge

Tied by light to the invisible college

Abundant rivers flow through me

Wellspring evangelion

Perihelion dandelion

As a bee flown free to the flower

I AM guided by Universal fire power

Confided with courage in my strong tower

Ever present assistance in this instance

Self-defining substance

Limitless essence

Being conscious bliss

No target I miss

Ever I will it

No reality denied me

Ever I feel it

I wheel it and deal it

For it drives me inwardly

And puts all my cards on the table

Silently speaking images of chance gambles

Should I manage to ramble

A fable into a consequence outcome

My ingoing squared

Proportioning my gravitational import

Relative to the intensity

Varied by the frequency carried

Suddenly I’m called back to this moment

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Jordan Furrow
Jordan Furrow

Poetry, reveries, and streams of consciousness. Musings, music, and dreams of consonance.    Metaphysics, philosophy, and magick cognizance. Writing things that make me high and do a dance.

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I'm Drawing Magick Sigils
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