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I Love You

"For the rest of my life and the Eons ahead..."

For the rest of my life and the Eons ahead, I still love you

you have my heart and soul in your hands,

you take care of me in my feelings for I trust you with them,

my past slowly fade away as you rebuild it with new memories

I smile again, laugh, blush at your blush,

Your beautiful face, love and passion, it keeps me safe.

Holding your hand, hugging you, kissing you, soon be loving you.

like the only flower that blooms in the Russian snow

you are the most beautiful bud,

I hope I say it enough and still do

Ya tebya lyublyu (I Love You)

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Ink Mouse
Ink Mouse

Hey everyone! Kinda cool to be here, my might be all over the place because of the things I'm interested in. I hope everyone likes my content and if anyone has any pointers or opinions I'm all ears!!

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I Love You
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