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I Love You

A Poem About Pain

It all started when I was nine

When your eyes met mine

My throat went dry

And my heart skipped a meat

Fast forward to age 12

When I saw you in a suit

Dancing onstage with a girl that's not your height

We joked about how you'd have to wear heels

And then when my heart started to fly

When I'd see you my heart stopped and

When you spoke my mind knocked

I couldn't say anything in the car but

Nervously pick at my nails and bite the dead skin off my lip.

You made me nervous, you made me afraid

Maybe that's why I love you this way.

Jump ahead I saw you again

In a new suit and a new name

I would hear you sing and my lips would

Part slightly and curve, to form a smile.

I didn't think about losing you, I didn't think it'd come so fast

But there I was

Stuck between love and lust

Being stuck between those usually isn't so bad

But between being in pain and telling you

I don't think I wanna play this game

Not saying a word, with some regret

I cared, let me say that again sir

I care for you and I always will.

I read stories about girls who get the guy they love

I'll read the page and close the book when I'm done

I stare at my ceilings and imagine the

Scenes at a diner in Paris not at home in my bed

I'd open my eyes and see nothing but white

But always remember, I care from evening to night.

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I Love You
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