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I'll Never Get to Know Your Name

A Poem

I'll never get to know your name,

I'll never get to see you laugh and play,

To scrape your knee or cry in pain,

To hug and comfort you,

To tell you it'll be all right,

Or hold you when you're scared in the night,

I'll never see you achievements,

Many, I'm sure,

Or, heal your broken heart,

Not to often, I'd ensure,

You'd know the world can be bright,

Though often it isn't,

And you can make it better,

Just by being

Would we have much in common?

Would we fight all the time?

Would we be too alike 

And clash too often to see the rhyme?

You'll never be embarrassed,

By my waiting at the school-gate,

In last year's clothes and yesterday's hair,

You'll never want to kill me,

For interrogating your friends,

Correcting  your speech or not making amends,

For all the little sins parents commit,

That make children say 'hate' when they say 'love'

You'll never know how bad I can be,

The mistakes I make, but always putting you first,

If there is another world beyond this,

Over the hill and far away,

Somewhere real, but not yet seen 

Then maybe I'll know your name someday

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I'll Never Get to Know Your Name
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