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I Know the True You

I stare from both angles. I see every detail.

From both angles i stare 

From one angle you talk 

I see every detail

Every, last, unfolding detail emerges as my other personality moves to a new viewpoint.

You don't notice. 

I don't care.

Each time you try and tempt me, i see it coming. 

Each time you try and hurt me, i see it coming.

Each time you believe you have one step in front of me, i chase miles in front of you.

You do care.

You will care.

Because the truth always catches up on a person, and i am the one winning the race. 

I know the true you,

Always have.

What will happen when the part of me who sees your faults alerts my blind front i wear for you?

Will i choose to know the true you              That i already knew?

Or will i hide it                                                 Like you programmed my brain to slowly do?  

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I Know the True You
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