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I Know My Bottles Are Loved So Much

Part of my project: Drinking Poetry Part II

Photo taken in Sheffield

I know why bottles are loved so much. 
Bottles and humans have so much in common. 
Each bottle is unique. 

No bottles of cider are ever the same. 
The name of the brand. 
The fruit of their nationality. 
The beauty within. 
The thrills many seek. 

Pour its soul in a glass. 
And another one. 
And another one. 
Cheers with a cling. 

Passion for bottles is a dangerous affair. 
Burning the heart. 
Eating the liver. 
Blinding the brain. 

We know that they're toxic. 
We too are toxic. 

Yet, we still crawl for more. 
The expelled fluids. 
The mini-wars and uproars. 
Dirty sheets and souls. 

Even if the bottles survive. 
Or are broken and fixed
The cracks still show.

Bottle after bottle...
Penny after penny...

They can never be convicted. 
For they are not us. 
Their eyes, ears and mouth 
Are all in the same place. 

Have you ever heard of a policeman
Arresting a bottle? 
He would be branded as a madman!
No better than streakers in the street.

No, I can't say that I have. 
No one would be daft enough to do it. 

But the world is changing. 
A young girl got fined £150 the other day. 
She was only five I think. 
She was selling lemonade
Like most kids did in the olden days. 

Well maybe arresting a bottle
Would be smarter 
Then giving a child a penalty.
Maybe we're not so daft after all.  

That's another reason, maybe
That bottles are loved so much. 
Their mouths gagged shut. 
Even when open only a small breath simmers

No grinding yacking
Tuneless singing
Pointless arguments
Just peace with friends. 

I love bottles:
They're so pretty. 
I could write hundreds of words
About its bright architecture
Labelled with love, 
Drunk with pride.

People have died. 
Some lives ended quicker than others. 
They say drink can do some strange stuff to you. 
But I don't think it's fair to blame the bottles
That get crushed on the floor. 
Poor and innocent. 

The glass bottles should be taken care off. 
They can be useful in so many ways. 
You don't even need to have alcohol in them. 
You can use the really big ones as a really good money jar. 
Ya save a couple of quid doing it that way. 

I thought it's weird that you spend money 
To have something that looks after ya money. 
Drink burns money without fire. 
It's so magical
Even if it is bad for ya. 
But there are worse things for you than a drop of whisky. 

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I Know My Bottles Are Loved So Much
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