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I Know a Beautiful Girl

She is from a place called Tehri.

New Tehri - Uttarakhand

I know a beautiful girl.

Her glittering eyes, are the new hopes for better moments.

Her smile, can remove the voidness in a heart.

Her charming face, fill the darkness with light.

Her kind heart, can sprout a new life.

I know a beautiful girl.

Her dreams are like the open blue sky.

In which, her thoughts are independently, fly.

She is a strong soul, I know.

Sometimes her voice has emotions hidden.

But, don’t compare her voice with the weak girl's slogan.

I know a beautiful girl.

She is mature and immature at the same time.

She is adventurous and wired.

I know a beautiful girl.

She is from a place called Tehri

which is spread over the mountains under the Himalayas sky.

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I Know a Beautiful Girl
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