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I Have a Problem

I'm sorry to myself.

I have a problem.

I think it’s with myself and others too.

I made mistakes and I’ve paid the consequences

people around me made mistakes and I’ve paid for those too.

I take others’ mistakes and make them mine

same with the pain

then I apologize.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for being hurt by you.

I'm sorry for being disappointed by you.

I'm sorry because you left taking everything away with you.

I apologize to whom showed me their back

I apologize to whom didn’t think twice before hurting me

I apologize to whom took decisions for me

when the only one who deserved apologizes it’s me.

So I apologize

to myself

for letting that guy making me feel miserable

for letting someone take important decisions for me

for letting that person taking everything I had and was

for apologizing without reason being disrespectful with myself.

I apologize to myself for being like this.

I apologize with the reflection in the mirror

for destroying myself in a lot of



almost invisible pieces

and mostly

I apologize because I have no clue about how to put myself back together. 

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I Have a Problem
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