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I Have a Book Hoarding Problem

A freestyle poem about yet another bad habit of mine.

Photo courtesy of Wonders & Marvels

I try to avoid bookstores, and sometimes even Shoppers Drug Mart, 

As often as I possibly can. I know for a fact that if I set foot inside, 

Promising myself that I'll only browse for a short while, I'll still end up 

Stepping out with at least five more books to add to my library of 

Unopened dust collectors. 

Believe it or not, most of the titles I own were purchased several years ago 

And have yet to be read. It's gotten so bad, to the point where I now 

Require a second bookshelf. As of now, I have three tall piles of novels 

Sitting atop my computer desk that are in need of shelving.

The only way I can see this as a serious issue is if I allow my literary 

Spendings to consume my entire living space. My hope is that it doesn't 

Happen, but I don't think it'll go too far. Even I know my limits, and I'm 

Sensible enough to realize it's imperative that I make room for essential 

Household goods.

That being said, I'm bothered by this habit of mine, because I loathe the 

Idea of dropping dollars on products that I don't wind up using in general. 

And it concerns me, because I do genuinely love to bury myself in 

Literature, so I don't understand why it's taking so long for me to get 

Through it all. Even more perplexing, I don't schedule time for leisure 

Reading as often as I used to.

I wonder if I'm really even all that committed to one of my lifelong 

Hobbies anymore. I mean, I do plan on getting around to making it a 

More frequent activity in my life again, and I have read a couple of stories 

Since my hiatus, albeit slowly. 

But why am I suddenly looking at it as a daunting task, when I actually 

Enjoy doing it? I'm worrying so much over setting deadlines for 

Something that's salubrious, something that I should naturally turn to 

Whenever I'm feeling stressed, which invites me to return to whatever it 

Was that bogged me down with a revitalized mind.

Luckily, I have already begun devising solutions over the past few years. 

I travel to Montenegro, my homeland, nearly every summer, and I always 

Bring leastways two novels with me along for the trip. Whenever I finish 

One, I leave it at my cottage in my father's hometown. We are eventually 

Going to build a bibliotheca in the attic, where I can store all my texts, 

Both leftover from Canada and those that I gather up there.

My mother and I are currently planning a garage sale, so I can use the 

Opportunity to put up plenty of old books that I don't want to read 

Anymore for sale. It'll definitely free up space for my newer ones. I'm just 

Hoping it actually happens this time, as it's been in the talks for years, but 

Hasn't been done since I was an early teen, maybe? Wow, time flies.

All things considered, it looks like there's still hope for me. 

Writing about my troubles really does help.

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I Have a Book Hoarding Problem
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