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I Fall Hard

My Elevator Pitch in Three Words

Found on the internet

If I was an exquisite bottle of perfume

The words at the end of my commercial will read in bold letters

Just before the waves crash into the sunset 


Then the sultry voice over will say

"fall hard"

You see

Not only do people fall hard for me after the first meeting

I also fall hard for the people I love

Like seriously it took me three years

To get over  a one sided crush

To a boy 

Who was the recipient of my first

And may I add


Love letter

The weight of my words crushed me to bits

As he recited to me word for word 

The anonymous letter I sent

Indicating to me

He knew I was the author

I fall Hard,

                  Like the time in grade 10

When my school held a special occasion

                   IN THE NIGHT !

Sleep clouding my vision

I sure I could touch the sky

As I descended down those stairs

in the most majestic gown 

I have ever worn

When suddenly

I missed a step

Cinderella without her glass slipper

stumbled down the hallway

Laughter rose through the air

A sweet melody

It grew



And louder

The melody like drops of honey on my tongue

My palms are salivating

My palms are salivating 

My palms are salivating?



My eyes open to


A puddle of cold water

Cold hard floor

The sound of grade 12 boys laughing

I peel myself off the floor

My high school career is over!

I fall Hard

                 Obsessive  about the things I love

Like the time Siri spoke to me in mandarin

Because I so desperately wanted to learn mandarin

Trust me on this people

Regardless of the language 

Siri is still rude

I fall Hard

                into an abyss in my head

As the questions push me in deeper

The answers exists only at the bottom of this bottomless pit

Anxiety wrapping It's thumbs  and index finger around my throat

Choking under the influence I still dare to hope

Hope for the light

Hope for the love

Hope for the change

Hope for the way

Hope to be great

Hope to be free

Because without free falling

One can never have faith

And Without faith no invention was made

In the end to fall is to create

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I Fall Hard
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