Giselle Gomez
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I (Don't) Love You

A Poem

It's not the way he touched me

But the way he won me

Yes we did engage in an activity

But it was nothing new, nothing different

Oh but he touched me

Tonight he touched my soul

He took my breath and took my fears

Tonight he made me feel alive, superhuman.

He read me like his finest book,

with his deceptive look

A song played that I cannot nearly come to explain.

It made me think, he made me feel.

Just something, someone that was so surreal

His knowledge seeped through me, in hope he'd finally see to me.

He looked at me

He caressed me

He told me beautiful lies

He pretended to care

Although he doesn't

But what am I to say

I'm his play toy

And he is mine

Yet I am starting to feel

I am beginning to grow attached to him

I would not date him although

Him and I are too different

I'm too sweet, meant to settle

He's too mean, yet so intellectual 

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I (Don't) Love You
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