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I Cannot Help But...

Wonder and Wander

I Cannot Help But...

I cannot help but feel this compulsion on my heart
To find a place called "Home" where it won't be torn apart.
I cannot help but feel this compulsion on my soul
To find a place called "Home" where for once I can be whole.

I cannot help but wish with all my earthly might
For a place called "Home" where I can rest my head at night.
I cannot help but strive with all my strength of being
To rest in a place called "Home" and from the dismal fleeing

To rest in a place of peace for a single night,
To put aside my grief, my pain, and my plight.
To lay my head down in joy with echoes of laughter around
To hear the jubilation of those my heart has found.

I cannot help but search with all that I am
To find the thing that is real and not a scam.
I cannot help but... Wonder and Wander.

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I Cannot Help But...
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