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I Am Where I Am

Where the Rubber Meets Racism

I walk

down a street

in Thunder Bay.

Some random

white guy

walks past me,


and calls back to me,

"Dirty Indian,

go back to the reserve."

My first reaction

is anger of course.

"I am where I am

you dirty white trash."

And that is how it ended,

our brief

random encounter.

I go my way

and he goes wherever.

After awhile

I start to laugh

at how ridiculous it is,

two people

who don't know each other

but sure that they do

yell and curse

at one another.

What was accomplished?

That I do not know,

as I'm sure

the other guy

does not either.

But it is foundation

for wars and slaughter

the world over

back into history

and into the present.

Sad commentary

for our humanity.

In any event

I am where I am,

and have always

















Douglas Semple
Douglas Semple

I am an Indigenous person who lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

I am a writer of social thought. Through this activity I hope to influence people to examine their thoughts to see how it aligns with what expresses a good and just society.

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I Am Where I Am
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