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I Am Not Your Type of Woman

My Secrecy Collection

Living different moments 

Giving off hints

I gave you what you needed

What you wanted, to be connected 

Granted, statue in the times

I stood for you 

I sat for you

You determine and assume that I am guaranteed to give you everything 

So you foolishly disregard.


My aching hunger to serve you emotionally.

You walked when you should've ran

You ran when you should walk

For me

For me

Not that type of woman to be grounded. 

Flutter like monarch butterflies

I fly across oceans 

I disrupt comfortability

I am ground shaking and viciously a woman who does not give up my pride.

But I'd stride wide for you.

I'd remain lost in one place for our love.

Although it's granted that I will sometime wither

I beg to be renewed by your care.

You walked when you should've ran 

You ran when you should walk 

For me 

For me.

Time spent being oppressed by ignorance of love

I am not the woman you need 

I am not the woman you pick up from greed 

I am a seed you plant and watch how I can be free.

You walked when you should've ran

You ran when you should've walked

For me

For me.

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I Am Not Your Type of Woman
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