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I Am Mine

And I am stronger than you.

I knew you didn't want me,

but you told me "wait and see,"

then I never changed into the person,

you always wanted me to be.

I believed this all I could get,

now I see that I was wrong,

but in everyone else I see your silhouette,

because your heart is where I belong.

Yet you don't own me anymore,

I learnt to breathe without you,

the feelings you left so painful and raw,

replaced simply with déjà-vu.

Your loyalty went missing,

and so did my heart,

I was not the only one you were kissing,

through my soul you’d thrown a dart.

I thought you were the strong one,

but now I see that's not true,

it's just that you broke me,

much more than I broke you.

Rawness fades to weary,

I learnt to carry on,

you weren’t afraid to lose me,

will you care now I am gone?

In the end I was never as rough,

and by far never as tough,

as the heart that beats inside you,

for which I could never be enough.

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I Am Mine
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