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I Am Learning

A Poem

I am learning.

I am learning how to stand on my own two feet. I am learning what it is to be alone, and that it does not have to be lonely. And I am learning that friendship is a comfort, but not a cure. And I’ve found that no matter how many people are around you now, in the end you’re all you have.

I am learning how to love myself. I am learning to create an atmosphere where I can breathe, and to surround myself with positive energy. And I am learning to be at peace with my body; to love it, to heal it, to care for it. And I’ve found myself letting go of the darkness wound so tightly inside me.

I am learning to be alive. I am learning to keep my hands occupied, lest I waste my time on this earth. And I am learning to feel the ground tremble beneath me and never lose my footing. And I’ve found that the sun always follows rain, and I am not afraid.

I am learning.

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I Am Learning
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