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I Am From Pigtails and Climbing Trees

A Poem About My Childhood and Experiences That Shaped Who I Am

I am from pigtails and rainbow Pushpops

From running barefoot, Pocahontas and climbing trees

I'm from fairies, dragons and magic,

From where anything is possible

I am from rainy pumpkin patch trips and muddy jeans

From fall leaves whirling through the cool Autumn air

I am from enchiladas, the greatest mashed potatoes and

homemade bread straight from the oven

From wanting to be like those other girls,

to wanting individuality

I am from wonderful days at the beach with sand in my shorts

and "Do we have to leave now?"

I'm from hot summer days drinking iced tea

and spending the warm evenings looking up at the stars

I am from a world of books and

staying up 'til 2 AM to finish the exciting chapter

From a school dance with nervousness, a shimmery dress, teary eyes,

and some nearly comfortable heels

I am from a Vampire Weekend concert and

autographed t-shirts

From long car rides with Mom, which created

just as long mother-daughter conversations

I am from photography, where I can freeze

moments in time forever, looking closely at all the little details

Where I come from, moments deserve to be

cherished and savored

Where moments mean


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I Am From Pigtails and Climbing Trees
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