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I Am but I Am Not

If you've been feeling like a failure lately, this one is for you.

Foolishly mad to try




So do we feel

So do we act

Impossible to elucidate this bewitching social orchestra like a gri-gri

Frankly K.O

Master me no longer exists

Master me is devastated

I am me through mom

I am me through dad

But who am I

But who are they

Refuting is inappropriate

Thinking oneself is prohibited

Be they said

But am I really

Live they exclaim

However, what is it to live apart from breathing

The cataclysm is near

Tetanized in the face of this heavenly confrontation

It must

It must be

So be it,  that happened

Master me was resurrected

Finally I thought

But the problem of who am I

Carom of questioning

"I am but I am not"

Voracious of explanations appeasing this hunger

In pursuit of an absolute self

Father, our paths have crossed

Anticipation, categorical refusal

Concertation, acceptance

Such is life

In the end, no one is from head to foot himself

Meaning, self is others

Self is paternal

Self is maternal

Self evolves through others

Self survives due to others

Self is a simple reverberation of an amalgam of components

Undeniable crap

Unspeakable lure

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I Am but I Am Not
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