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I Am Beautiful

Beauty from Within

I am beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well

I am beautiful because I am strong

I stand up for what I believe in and fight to achieve it

Look here, see my scars, they may seem repulsive to you but to me they symbolize the battles that I have overcome and I am proud to show them off

I have been beaten and abused

I have been broken and used

I have been silenced and accused

But that will not stop me

I am not weak

I am not scared

I will not be quiet

I will not stay still nor will I be trampled on

I am warrior

I will take heed of my pride and stand my ground

I am beautiful

Not because I am a women, man, or transgender

I am beautiful

Because I am human

I am beautiful

Not because I am strong or weak

I am beautiful

Because I can feel

I am beautiful

Not by how I look but by who I am

I am not alone I have others just like me by my side so

you may try to break my pride

you may try to silence me

you may try to abuse me

But know one thing

I will not be broken nor will I be silenced

I will take hands with my comrades and stand our grounds, protect those who cannot protect themselves

I am beautiful

Not because I stand alone

We are beautiful

Because we stand as a whole

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I Am Beautiful
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