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I Always Smell Like Coffee


And you say the smell of coffee

Gives you a headache

And that one time in the movies

My laugh made you feel embarrassed

And somewhere along the way

You stopped loving the smell

Of my shampoo

The shape of my smile

My teeth without braces

The color change in my eyes...

Do you still want to wake up

Ten years from now

In our room with the navy blue sheets

And sandy walls

Or did you stop loving the little things entirely?

You cried because you said

That you were scared for us

And we both blamed each other

And I’m sorry

And I still want to be with you

You bought me roses

And your grandma loves me

And I love your laugh

And the look in your eyes

When you see something you really love

But you don’t look at me that way

Not anymore

Maybe you forgot why you love me

And you’re staying because it’s easy

I wish I could remind you

Take you back somehow

To the way we fell in love

Because I am still in love with you

I think.

I don’t want to hurt you

So I won’t tell you that

You’re breaking my heart

I’ll just try to be better

For you

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I Always Smell Like Coffee
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