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I Adore Her

She has fair beauty.

I see you, far away, there you are 

In your wildest smiley days 

looking all kind but more beautiful.

I see you, far away- away from my eyes. 

In this windy hour 

the smell of your perfume soars high when the wind spreads. 

On this day, only its scent makes sense and it is breathtaking 

that is why, I am breathing more than ever today. 

Winter has passed, the spring has sprung 

the leaves are blooming, the grass is greener and every sight resonates your beauty. 

For as long as I can see clearly 

I won’t stop telling you more about your beauty,

 It is wonderful, I adore it and it is deae. 

I am not blind, I can see clearly

don’t stop me from complimenting you- it’s not fair

If I make you blush, I am sorry. 

Someday, my youth shall languish 

I won’t be the same and I won’t see you the way I am seeing you now 

And I won’t be able to compliment what I can’t see 

But I will listen to the Stevie Wonder’s song “Isn’t she beautiful.” 

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I Adore Her
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