Anita Barreiro
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Maybe someday.

Maybe I never loved you.

Maybe you were just a figment from my imagination for my lonely nights

Maybe you just were only what I wanted but not what I needed.

And I know that it’s wrong to love you when you don’t love me back.

I know it’s wrong to love you when I’m not what you want.

That it’s wrong that your name is always on my lips when you won’t ever know what’s mine.

Because it’s hard loving when I’m the rain on a stormy afternoon and you’re like the fire that warms those winter days.

And it’s also wrong loving you when I belong to the world filled with nameless faces and words that are never heard while you, empty love, belong to the world where I see you everywhere and I hear the echo of your voice on every corner.

It’s also wrong when I’m just a simple and fading flower when you’re surrounded by sparkling and exotic roses full of life and color.

And it’s impossible loving you when I’m nothing more than a mere warrior and you’re the king from a whole empire surrendered at your feet.

But here I am.

Watching you quietly from afar. Suffering because I’ll never taste from you what I need to keep me alive.

And maybe in the future, I’ll find someone better, someone who can bring back to life this flower that I am and make me reach high enough to touch the sun.

But you will always be there and so will be the ghost of your voice. You’ll always be there in every corner of my heart.

Because you will always be the one that makes me feel full of life and love and makes me change from grey and blue to the most beautiful lilac sky.

Even when purple is not the color you like the most.

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