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Humans, Life, DNA

It's a poem but it's not a poem.


Some will like you.

Some will dislike you.

Some will have strong opinions about you.

Some will have no thoughts.

Some will ignore you.

Some will be all out for you; you know always there for you kinds.

So in the midst of knowing people and keeping up with them;

You need to learn how to balance it.

You need to decide for yourself who makes you happy and who depresses you.

Who you want in your life and whom all you don’t.

Whose flaws are you willing to deal with and whose you just cannot stand.


Life is about give and take.

Humans need to stop taking things and people for granted.

Humans need to understand their fellow humans. 

We, the humans, need to learn how to respect and treat one another equally.

We need to learn how to respect each other’s feelings. 

We need to learn to respect every kind of relation.

We need to get above the hatred, selfishness and jealousy to become more humane.

We need to appreciate each and every skin colour, face, body type. 

We all are beautiful in our own ways in and out.

Because hey not every individual is same.


Because hey, humans are bases (hurines/humidines?) who form relations with others forming a nucleotide (hucleotide?) and eventually forming larger groups of friends or family which is like double stranded DNA. The relations keep getting stronger day by day as children, memories (histones) are adding and keeps making it compact forming stronger relations (genes and chromosomes). Any arguments, fights (mutations) during this process causes inactivation of certain genes causing broken relations.

During this process called life, you’ll meet many people some are like ‘euchromatin’ (active relationships-where you talk to a person regularly) and ‘heterochromatin’ (where people don’t talk regularly or shuts off for life).

So morale of the story is that, even nature causes mutations who are we to have everything perfect? Embrace what you have; and keep those people close whose company you enjoy the most.

Mehrie P.

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Mehrie P.
Mehrie P.

A doctor who loves to write. A dreamer. An optimist. A multitasker. An emotionally intelligent person.

I try to express using simple yet powerful words.

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Humans, Life, DNA
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