Aaron Wale
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How Much Does Music Mean?

This Is Music

Words are limiting when it comes to music, no letters can be arranged to form a perfect answer as to how powerful and simply beautiful music is. There is music for everything, a 3 minute song can pull out so much love, loss, tears, revelations and wave after wave of connection to something that has no mouth yet can speak louder than anything else. The words of music wrap a person hold them tightly and whisper words of promise and hope, it is a life line and an intertwining oak of pure passion and comfort. Music will hold your hand, music knows what’s being buried beneath a facade of smiles and joy, it cries with words unlike any other, it can touch a part of a person that is hidden away from everything else. It is warmth and love and tenderness and wisdom and a hand to hold on to when no one else offers theirs. If feeling and emotions could speak, it would speak music.

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How Much Does Music Mean?
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