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Hour of Need

Heading down the highway...

Hour Of Need : words and music David P Ireland

I sat in the truck and I fired it up

The dashboard screen was thunderstruck

Bells and whistles, groans and bumps

Swerving round the lanes, avoiding windblown stuff

Dreamed I was steering a Snow White steed

Heading down the highway in this hour of need

Debris strewn across the way

Hawk in the sky, he spied his prey

Dove right down to the bubbling tar

Into the path of an Italian car

I gripped the wheel and killed the speed

Heading down the highway in this hour of need

With a screech of wheels the feathers flew

Smokestack snowflakes against the blue

The hawk lives on in my memory

Like the dying wasp in your morning coffee

Wishing I could block this unholy breed

Heading down the highway in my hour of need

Hail, hail to the Sunday news

Every whichaway it’s lies they use

I just can’t seem to reach the dial

So I listen to the knells and the pious choir

Hallelujah! I hear them plead

Heading down the highway in their hour of need

Jesus, Jesus loves us all

Burning sins at the wailing wall

Mother of god I better count those beads

Cause I’m dying down here in my wreath of weeds

Meanwhile somewhere, someone is finally freed

Heading for a pardon in this hour of need

Now we bide our time while the four decide

Armageddon or Ecocide?

No love lost as they build the cross

A train wreck team at the Pentecost

There are those who say we must still concede

Heading down the highway in this hour of need

Don’t tell me to suck it up - you lost!

We’re heading for a holocaust

Breaking up is hard to do

So is making any sense of you

You cut so deep, a nation bleeds

Heading straight to hell in this hour of need

I slept in the truck and I when I woke

I felt like my brain was badly broke

I dreamed a dream in black and white

The future was eternal night

The nemesis of unity is divisive greed

Running off the rails in this hour of need

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Hour of Need
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