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Hopeless Human

A Personal Observation of Humanity

I find myself completely consumed an abscessed with The Human Condition and experience. My emotions become erratic and unstable as I witnessed the overwhelming amount of disregard of basic decency, compassion, and intelligence. The useless and violence and hatred towards all living things. Business and wastefulness and vanity. The moral ignorance and hypocrisy of the human collective. It's all just so depressing and discouraging. It makes me ashamed to call myself human in the presence of every other living and sentient entity in this universe. 

I hold my face in my hands and I worry and I weep. 

I worry and weep for the children and the future. 

I am at awe at how something that has such an immense capability to do beautiful and amazing things can easily do the ugliest and useless things to their own kind and two others. It seems that every day I lose more hope and respect for humankind. 

How can it be that we live in an arrow with access so much knowledge yet we willfully disregard and ignore the truth just to satisfy emotions and desires? 

How is it so much warfare and terrorism and hatred in the name of religion and prosperity and have yet to learn anything from my past and our mistakes? 

Why is it so difficult for man to learn and to adjust our Behavior toward uprightness and civility? 

Why do we so easily give it in to our toxic and lower desires? 

Why are we so weak? 

Why are we so evil? 

Why are we so delusions?

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Hopeless Human
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